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Cold brew coffee? Yes, Cold brew coffee! Not coffee heated up and then cooled down, like our cousin the iced latte, but brewed cold for 20 hours to leave you with a deep, delicious taste of unbroken mellow coffee. The kind of coffee so tasty and drinkable, you’ll wonder why you ever had it hot!
Due to launch our signature cold brew coffee STRAIGHT UP COLD BREW in August 2016 across London.
Watch this space!


Brass Monkeys Cold Brew is something of an international team effort but very much grounded in London and what this vibrant city is all about. Our collaborative approach has combined the influences of our cold brew coffee guru, Erin, from Seattle (where the industry is booming) with the craft brewing expertise of the South London craft brewery, By The Horns Brewing Co. Throw in an antipodean helper and 2 knowledgeable & experienced founders, one Canadian and one Brit, and you’ve got Brass Monkeys.
Cold brew coffee is something of a household name over on the US and they’re lucky enough to be able to choose from a variety of different quality makers. We want that for London! Coffee culture is on the up here and we want to bring our Brass Monkeys cold brew to the mix. We’re all about making our product tasty, current, eco-friendly and something our London coffee connoisseurs can love.


Straight Up Cold Brew is our signature coffee; using our extra special house coffee blend which we’ve take time to perfect using only the finest beans. Whether you’re a novice to the world of Cold brew or if you’ve been sipping the chilled brew for years, much like our friends across the pond, ours is one to keep an eye on, we’re going out on a limb here, but we reckon ours is the most flavoursome cold brew in all of Blighty. Bias? Nah. Its just darn tasty. Our handy ‘on the go’ 330ml bottles are perfect to enjoy in every situation: Keeping energy levels up on the way to work sipped straight out the bottle or relaxing at home over a glass of ice.
Sip it straight up, on the rocks or add milk!


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