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Brass Monkeys is the new cold brew coffee experience for London. Above all, we’re focused on flavour. Using a carefully selected blend of the finest beans along with the expert knowledge from our friends at By The Horns Brewing Co. we’ve made sure to deliver, what we think, is the best tasting cold brew coffee currently on the market.

What is cold brew?

If you’re a novice to the cold brew coffee scene, fear not! It is, in fact, a fairly new concept to the London market. Our friends across the pond have been doing it for longer than us and it’s now very much a household name there. Cold brew coffee is a process where ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for an extended period of time – in our case 20 hours. We then triple filter and you’re left with a deep delicious concentrated coffee brew, which can then be further diluted and bottled or canned.

The benefit of this process of cold brewing becomes apparent when you sip it. Its bolder, smoother and with a much more rounded coffee flavour. Cold brew massively reduces the levels of acid found in coffee which is fairly high in coffee that’s heated up. So you’re left with a tastier, less acidic, naturallly sweetened delicious gulp of coffee. And, let’s not forget, it’s just coffee and water. No preservatives or additives with all the caffeine. So it’s a natural energy drink with none of the bad stuff.

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Straight Up Cold Brew is our signature coffee; using our extra special house coffee blend which we’ve take time to perfect using only the finest beans. Whether you’re a novice to the world of Cold brew or if you’ve been sipping the chilled brew for years, much like our friends across the pond, ours is one to keep an eye on, we’re going out on a limb here, but we reckon ours is the most flavoursome cold brew in all of Blighty. Bias? Nah. Its just darn tasty. Our handy ‘on the go’ 330ml bottles are perfect to enjoy in every situation: Keeping energy levels up on the way to work sipped straight out the bottle or relaxing at home over a glass of ice. Sip it straight up, on the rocks or add milk!” title=”A Day at the Office”]

Who we are

Brass Monkeys Cold Brew is something of an international team effort but very much grounded in London and what this vibrant city is all about. Our collaborative approach has combined the influences of our cold brew coffee guru, Erin, from Seattle (where the industry is booming) with the craft brewing expertise of the South London craft brewery, By The Horns Brewing Co. Throw in an antipodean helper and 2 knowledgeable & experienced founders, one Canadian and one Brit, and you’ve got Brass Monkeys. Cold brew coffee is something of a household name over on the US and they’re lucky enough to be able to choose from a variety of different quality makers. We want that for London! Coffee culture is on the up here and we want to bring our Brass Monkeys cold brew to the mix. We’re all about making our product tasty, current, eco-friendly and something our London coffee connoisseurs can love.

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Nicola’s mix of creativity and organisation lends itself rather delightfully to our Brass Monkeys team. Her organisational skills are particularly useful as she coordinates and oversees the BM operation. Her background in acting and art kicks in when we’re developing what looks good in terms of design, layout and branding. Nicola originally hails from South Africa but having lived in London for over 8 years now, she has developed a spot on sense for what’s hot in the lively city of London. She has a keen interest in finding new exciting places to eat and drink, always ensuring she’s keeping on top of trends and new ideas.


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Peter is head of Brass Monkeys Sales, with a unique and impressive background launching and managing various different bars, pubs, clubs and events in The UK and in Greece (Where cold coffee is a way of life!) Peter also has a background in acting, broadcasting and creative content. Full of energy and drive, you’ll usually catch Peter running around London and beyond checking in on our diverse array of interesting clients, making sure they have everything they need whilst drumming up awareness and support from new innovative outlets across the country. Peter loves a challenge in competitive industries and strives to deliver the best customer service using a natural charm and willingness to make things work. He also loves Beer and Coffee so is well placed for his skills!


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Alex and Chris are founders of the By The Horns brewing co. in South London. By The Horns are responsible for the production and distribution of our Brass Monkeys. With over 6 years in the craft beer industry, they are expert craft beer brewers and have used their skills and knowledge to become expert craft coffee brewers too. They work tirelessly to ensure our product’shigh quality taste isn’t compromised as well as ensuring our brew gets to our lovely stockists safely. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge in the drinks business and we’re constantly bending their ears for advice and suggestions, they’re probably sick of us but we love them! We also leaned heavily on Alex’s digital & design skills when designing the brand – Nicola is forever grateful.





50ml premium Vodka
50ml Brass Monkeys cold brew coffee
25ml Kalhua


This drink is best served in a large martini glass.
Mix all the ingredients together into a cocktail mixture along with ice.
Shake for 15 seconds then strain into your glass.
Garnish with crushed cinnamon. Perfect way to end your meal!



35ml Gin
10ml Brass Monkeys Cold Brew Coffee
Tonic water
Orange or lemon peel to garnish


This drink is best served in a long Collins glass.
First add ice to the glass, then pour in the gin and tonic water leaving a small gap at the top. Finally, Pourin the Brass Monkeys cold brew gently so that it floats on top of the drink. Turbo’d and tantalizingly tasty!


This one is rather simple, but just like our coffee, we find a simple recipe with the best ingredients, made with care, gives you the best flavour.


35ml Bourbon Whiskey
70ml Brass Monkeys cold brew coffee


This drink is best served in a tumbler glass.
First add ice to the glass. Then pour in the bourbon followed by the coffee. Add a little extra of either depending on taste. Serve with a slice of orange peel. A classy little number.

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If you are interested in stocking us for your business, please get in touch by emailing Peter.  Don’t be shy, he’d love to hear from you! You can also fill in any Enquiry form below and we’ll get in touch.

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